Wednesday, September 30, 2009



  1. Dawn, your work is very captivating!

  2. It hits me in a place I thought of as my personal dark corner... now I think you have given a narrative to what felt. My son as a small child was the last person I heard try and explain this feeling of wonder and curiosity when with his hands on his knees he stooped to study a dead pigeon (road kill on a street in Barcelona). He watched it intently for long minutes and eventually we had to drag him from it, why are you looking at "THAT?" asked his mum, "because I like it" he said.
    We visited the Cathedral the Dali Gallery but Olly had thoughts only for the dead pigeon he was devastated when our route back did not take us past it! On the return flight he refused the inflight meal which included lamb chops, when I explained that it was a dead baby sheep he accepted it enthusiastically and eat it all. As a toddler he removed a whole sardine from a barbecue and carried it for 2 days (we had to put it in the freezer over night)! He is a well balanced 25 year old now but shares my fascination with dead animals, they seem to speak of our own inevitable decline. Your work is stunning keep at it!